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Second operator

Hi All,

To allow for a second operator on the same radio hardware I 
have added a network to Linrad. This seems to work fine if
computers are fast enough.

I have a primary computer, 600MHz PIII and a second computer
200MHz Pentium MMX. I can run with a sampling speed of up
to 32 kHz for two channels when sending compleded transforms
over the network. The slow computer seems to spend most of its
time with network overhead.

I have started from the network routines of W3SZ, Roger, and I
have no previous experience in networks whatsoever.

The network parameters are AF_INET and SOCK_STREAM which I think
means Internet protocol (???)

The primary computer only sends data blindly while the second
computer just receives data. There is some "magic" going on
in the protocol that makes the other computer exit from linrad
with a message "broken pipe" if one exits from Linrad in the
other computer.

Are there better protocols? There is no need for the primary 
computer to know if the listener is there. Would also be fine 
with a protocol that would allow any number of secondary 
computers in parallel.

Any comments?