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Linrad workshop

Hi All,

Scandinavian HamVention (SHV) and the yearly meeting of 
SSA will be in Gothenburg April 25-27.

I will be there with a Linrad Workshop which will go on
the entire weekend if there is enough interest.

I do not yet know the details, but I will probably bring
a complete 144MHz receiver and some signal generators
to produce a hostile environment. With some luck there will be
a few commercial transceivers there for comparison on the same
signal so visitors can try different radios on the same signal.

There may be one or two HF antennas and some hardware for it
so visitors can listen to real signals. There will of course 
be possibillities to listen to recorded data of various kinds.

For details, look at http://www.scandiham.info 
(The info about the Linrad workshop is in the Swedish version 


Leif  /  SM5BSZ