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RE: [linrad] Installing Linrad

Hi Guy,

> Now for installing Linrad:
> 1. Running ./configure
> Some problems here I think, selected output:
> checking for /usr/lib/oss/soundcard.h ... no
> checking for /usr/local/lib/oss/soundcard.h ... no
> checking for /lib/oss/soundcard.h ... no
> checking for /var/lib/oss/soundcard.h ... no
> checking for /opt/oss/soundcard.h ... no
> checking for /root/oss/soundcard.h ... no
> checking for /dev/dsp ... yes
> checking for /dev/sound/dsp ... no
> checking for ./users_hwaredriver.c ... no
> checking for ./users_hwaredriver.c ... (cached) no
> checking for /usr/include/png.h ... no
> ...
> There are in fact 3 files soundcard .h on the machine:
> /usr/include/sys/soundcard.h
> /usr/include/linux/soundcard.h
> /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14/include/linux/soundcard.h
> none of which are linked to each other!
> I could link one of these into one of the 6 directories actually 
> searched by config.
> Advice appreciated.
It is ok for configure to not find soundcard.h
That will result in that the C programs will include <sys/soundcard.h>
which should be fine if you did not install oss.

> 2. Soundcard.
> Perhaps this is the moment to ask for advice on the most suitable 
> soundcard
> to add to this machine for running Linrad.
> Why do some users appear to have 2 soundcards?
Because one wants 96kHz and 4 channels for input. If Delta44 is used
it is not suitable for output because it would run at 96kHz also and
load the CPU very much. It is better to use something else for the output,
something that runs at 6kHz or so.

> 3. CRASH
> In spite of the failure to find a soundcard, Linrad compiles, 
> though of course with a raft
> of messages about the search for soundcard.h.
The file conf.h which is generated by configure should have a line
#include <sys/soundcard.h> which should be surrounded by a valid if
statement. There should be no message about it. If soundcard.h is
not found, compile should exit immediately.

> The opening screen contains some warnings:
> /proc/cpuinfo says LINUX core is not compatible
> ...
> If your core is 2.4.8 or above everything is probably ok   (my 
> core is 2.4.18)
> Seems just the xmm flag in /proc/cpuinfo is missing.
> The Setup routine runs ok, and saves the settings to par_userint.
> A screen 1024x768 (or 640x480) seems to work, with font scale 1 (minimum).
Seems fine.

> At main menu, select M for moon, and enter my Lat and Long - ok
> Save this with 9 ...
> Pregnant pause, then "OUT OF SCAN RANGE",
> white on blue panel.
> There seems no way back from this screen except to power down!
> I have tried variations of font and screen size, without any improvement.
This is completely new to me. The text "OUT OF SCAN RANGE" does not originate
in Linrad. Maybe svgalib or somewhere else???

> My Lat is -33.721, and Long is 150.448, Grid locator is correctly 
> calculated from these.
> Maybe not many Linrad operators down this way, but surely that 
> isn't the problem.
> So, again HELP!
I suggest you wait with the moon initialization. Linrad should run
without it and if the problem is in svgalib or somewhere else it should
show up in normal operating mode. If you can make Linrad run properly,
reading A/D data from your soundcard, it will not be difficult to find
what the problem is with the moon initialization.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ