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[linrad] Re: AC97 and Linrad; works at W3SZ using OSS

  Hello Roger,

  Thanks for reply. I am using the the VIA VT82Cxx driver, it comes with 
  I thought to read into you old DSP page ( 2001 or so ) that you 
  had Linrad running with (1) one card and without OSS. Is that
  true? I also read in Leif's early notes that he used only
  one card at the time?
  Perhaps I am trying to do something that is not possible or
  has not be done before with Linrad?
  The AC97 is working OK for playing CD's etc. The problem is to
  get the DSP processed output from Linrad to get to the 
  AC97 and to disconnect the speaker output from the front end
  module ( the digitizing  part ) I believe that is because I
  have no good control how to set-up the AC97 ( mixer problem )
  It is in the instructions where Lief writes to use the mixer 
  ot set-up the audio cared where things are failing ( I think )

  I wished somebody could tell me that this is nonsense or that
  it is making sense...
  I also would like to know the signal flow into the audio card(2)

  RX audio into "line"?
  Digitized signal out from card into bus...
  Linrad DSP processed signal via bus into audio card ... 
  audio signal out on "speaker" or "PCM" ....
  73 Rein 

w3sz wrote:
> Hi, Rein!
> WIth my latest computer brought online I am using the onboard audio
> which I believe is the same as the AC 97 you refer to, and things work
> fine with svgalib and linrad.
> This machine is a homebrew P3 using a SOYO motherboard @ 1.0 GHz, RHL
> 8.0, Delta44 input and motherboard VIA97 audio output.  The audio didn't
> work with svgalib and the RHL audio drivers, so I use the OSS drivers.
> The OSS driver for the onboard sound is 'VIA VT82C686 AC97 audio'.  I
> had to pay an extra $15 for it. After my web purchase of the addon, they
> just emailed me a new license file.
> OSS and run Linrad without identified problems.
> I don't know if this information will be of help to you or not, but I
> hope it is of some help.
> 73,
> Roger
> W3SZ
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