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Re: [linrad] archived files


   Hello All,

Perhaps this issue has been discussed before and I have missed it.

I have noticed that since about 2 weeks the recent LINRAD messages have not been added to the LINRAD archives.

As somebody being from home a lot and having to access email
by webmail on all kinds of computers, it is hard to save messages
locally, something I do when at home. Case and point I am
writing this from a computer in an university in Brasil, 250
km from San Paulo where I can not use my laptop. With everyday
some 100 email messages, I also can not store in the mailbox
without running into mailbox overload problems.

I am wondering whether this archive problem is a technical problem of some kind or another or an oversight.

I find the archived info and traffic quite valuable.

73 Rein W6/PA0ZN