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[linrad] Linrad setup for sale

As I am finding that I have no time at all while I am at University and that
it is not going to change for the next 3 years I have decided to get out of
eme for a while. So I have for sale.

P4 1.5 GHz,512 Mb DDR,30 Gb HDD,CDR,FDD, Delta 44, PCI 128 soundcard, 19
inch SVGA monitor

The machine is configured dual boot windows 98 SE and Linux and comes with a
WSE RX 2500 rx converter, see Leif's website for details.

As I am a poor student these days I am looking for £700 for the lot which is
a bargain! Also it all works so I have had the configuration headaches! No
splits! No shipping UK only!


Conrad G0RUZ