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[linrad] Fw: Channels

after sending my latest mail I found that you indeed already mentioned the
stereo card on the linroot.htm page.
Sorry, but I missed that.

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From: Arie Dogterom <pa0ez@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2003 12:14 PM
Subject: Channels

> Hallo  Leif,
> You probably saw my question about "channels".
> Since I again ran through all your Linrad texts. But I failed to find an
> indication that the "channels" your mention also can beet the two
> channels of a stereo card.
> For you this might be a dumb point, but for me it was a problem.
> I now understand that indeed the stereo card provides two "channels".
> Remains my question about the crosstalk between those channels. Is your
> programme also correcting this when correcting I/Q unbalances?
> Probably it will be sensible for the inexperienced reader to add somewhere
> in your texts a note about this.
> 73 and go on with the good work
> Arie