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RE: 'garbage on screen'

Hi Sergio and All,

> BTW I think I downloaded one of the latest
> versions of linrad, isn't lir00-56.tbz the last version? That's what I
> installed... 
linrad00-56 is the last of the 00 series. I have made a major reorganization
of the main receive loop which is now far easier to understand. The timing 
is under tighter control which means that the Linrad-01.xx series will
need slightly more processing power for the same task. The advantage is that
the processing delay is smaller which will be good for the normal CW and
SSB modes. The latest version is Linrad-01.02.

The 01 series is still for testing. The number of changes that could cause
unexpected behaviour is very large, but I have had no error reports so
if I do not get any in the near future I will make Linrad-01.03 the next
version on the ......../linrad.htm page.

Test versions are at ........../linroot.htm