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[linrad] noise blanking and Linrad

This morning I was playing with the SDR-1000 on 20 meters
when the band was wiped out by pulse noise.

I quickly assembled the Linrad receiver [it had been taken
apart to go to W2SZ/1 for the June ARRL VHF Contest] and put
it on the same frequency.

The experiment is far from perfect, but I have some zipped
wave files from both Linrad and the SDR-1000 copying an
American ham who is vacationing in VK land, in QSO with a
Stateside ham.

This is all apropos ALex Crow's email of a few days ago, and
those who were wondering about how Linrad and its
noiseblanker would do on HF SSB.  

The files are of Linrad and then the SDR-1000 using the same
antenna, etc on the same station, with Linrad files recorded
before and after the SDR-1000 files.

Hope this is of interest to someone.

The text on the page explains things in more detail.

http://www.qsl.net/w3sz/linradnoise.html is the URL.

Roger Rehr