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RE: re svgalib (sound driver problem)

> Thanks for the words Leif. I already have OSS installed and running. I
> changed to a Yamaha sound card and now the program progresses to selection
> of weak CW etc.
OK. I interpret this as you have selected screen and mouse speed,
then typed W to save this configuration. After that you will
get the main menu directly when starting Linrad.

> Since I have not had linrad running, It tries to build the
> configuration file. When I hit the first Enter I get the seg 
> fault message.
> I cannot find a soundboard_init.log file. I did fine soundon.log 
> and can not find any fault in it.
"hit the first Enter" You are supposed to hit "U" to configure the 
soundcard. If you type something else you will end up in the
"U" routine anyway in case the parameters were not saved with 
a "W" before.

The "U" function will produce a soundboard_init.log file in
the Linrad directory.

In case your system crashes before anything is actually written
physically to the hard disk, there will not be any soundboard_init.log
and I think this is what happens on your system.

I have added a few lines to setad.c that ensures something to
be written onto the hard disk even if the system crashes on the
first attempt to open a device file. I will upload Linrad-01.03
during the day.


Leif / SM5BSZ