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[linrad] A simple front end

I am keen to experiment with the "very easy way to get 40 kHz of 
radio spectrum into a PC" that Leif described in Fig 2 of the Jan/Feb 
2003 QEX. My interest is only the cw end of 20 meters
For an RF stage I plan to use a Mini-Circuits ERA-5 amplifier with a 
band-pass filter ahead of it. Instead of the quarter wave of coax the 
SPH-16 voltage controlled phase shifter looks like the way to go 
unless I can find a cheaper solution. I looked for low noise audio 
ICs that were not surface mount and the best I can find is the LM833. 
Initially I will use a signal generator for the LO but a crystal osc 
would make it a self-contained front end that could be packaged in 
quite a small box.
I would like to share work of this kind with others, either via the 
list or direct.