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[linrad] Linrad-01.07

Hi All,

> Mode A weak sig CW and mode G crash after a few seconds when a strong
> signal is selected. All other modes work fine and stable for days, fft2 is
> enabeled in all modes.

This bug, reported by Werner, DL2JA turned out to be caused by
an error in the cw-to-ascii decoding routine. This routine is
in a very early stage and provides no output yet.

01.07 contains the routines for tuning the RX10700 and the RX70 units.

11 units of each kind are now tested and tuned. Info can be found
at the Linrad site.

The sub-contractor has not yet given us the price for their work,
but price information and data sheets will soon be available at the
Antennspecialisten site.