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[linrad] Live-CD with floppy storage

Looks like a lot of people tried the old version of the CD.  Following
some of Leif's suggestions I have made some changes that I hope make it
work on more machines, and let you save your parameters.

This version is CD/floppy combo.

The CD image is down to 10M and does not have linrad or SVGA files. The
floppy holds linrad and the SVGA files.  This way you can also save your
parameter files.  Also to upgrade to a new version of linrad or SVGA files
you just change the floppy image.

When you boot up it will pause and ask you to put the floppy into the
drive.  This will also let you see if the computer booted correctly before
starting any SVGA programs.  Also see note 1 below.

All of the files are located under:

Here are the new files:
http://www.wcug.wwu.edu/~josh/linrad/Morphix-linrad-0.1.iso (10.4M)
http://www.wcug.wwu.edu/~josh/linrad/linrad-01.07_svga-1.9.17.image (431k)

I have both a .gz floppy image and full size image.  Maybe this should
just be a zip of the files, but I like being able to make the disk under
linux.  I have the .gz version because it is a lot smaller, but you need
winzip or similar on windows to uncompress it.

I also have a copy of rawwritewin to make the floppy

Under linux to make the floppy the commands are:
superformat /dev/fd0 (may not be needed)
gunzip linrad-01.07_svga-1.9.17.image.gz (if you get the .gz image)
dd if=/linrad-01.07_svga-1.9.17.image of=/dev/fd0 bs=21k

Please let me know how this version works.  Or if you need more
information on setting up the flopp.

The sound modules are the same as the last image, but SVGA has been
upgraded so it should support more graphics cards.

I'm trying to have both the linrad and svga version in the file name so
we can make a SVGA 1.4.3 version, if that works better on some machines.

73, KD7HGL

							Later, JOSH

You could also switch to Alt-F3 and use a USB device instead of a floppy.
Here are the commands:
insmod usb-storage
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/test
cd /mnt/test
Not very well tested, but it does work...

NOTE 2: You can use this floppy with the original CD
Make the floppy, then boot off the old CD.
Run the following commands:
mount /mnt/floppy
cd /mnt/floppy

Make sure you use ./linrad or you will run with the old SVGA and not save
your files to the floppy.  Please let me know how this works.  If it looks
up while booting please try running "morphix noscsi" on the initial boot
screen to turn off SCSI detection.