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[linrad] PIN diodes

Hi All,

Fast switching between Rx and Tx makes the rig work like
a Radar (if you add an oscilloscope). This is fun on 144
MHz during aurora and meteor showers but probably even
more so on HF bands.....

I have a description of a 144 MHz switch at:
and some of the things one can see using it:

Over the years I have had many questions on how to get
power PIN diodes for Rx/Tx switching at high power levels.
They have been difficult to buy in small quantities, but
now they are available from Antennspecialisten at a
price of SEK 70. If you buy 10 of them the price is SEK 525.
Add SEK 50 for shipment.

for other things, you have to go the proper way
starting at http://www.antennspecialisten.se/en/

We will make a small range of difficult components available
to amateurs, another one is the ATF33143 that several people
have asked about.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ