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[linrad] Compare MP3+ to Sony MZ-N707?

A guy from the local broadcast station came by the College to record 
some sound bytes for some spots we will be placing.  He only brought a 
Sony 8800 mic and a little Sony MZ-N707.

It appeared to have most if not all of the features of the MP3+, esp. 
those of interest to Linrad.  Amy I missing something?  Sure would make 
for a terrific dual-purpose device if so.

The one thing that makes me suspicious is that the USB port is only 
listed as Input.  Is it possible they'd only design the thing for USB 
input and no USB output?

BTW:  I am considering a used Alinco DX-70T.  Will that be OK for Linrad?

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e