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[linrad] OSS and Delta 44

I have setup Linrad on a Gateway box running RedHat 9.0. I gave up trying to configure the flat panel monitor with the NVIDIA graphics card and ended up using another monitor using the standard graphics on the motherboard. I used the VESA chipset setting for svgalib and it appears to work OK.
I have two soundcards, a Delta 44 and a Soundblaster one. I downloaded the OSS drivers and am now trying to configure the sound. Linrad appears to work OK on the default settings - running line o/p from my FT1000MP to #1 input on the Delta 44 and plugging headphones into the SB card o/p I can run hear signals in the Linrad weak CW mode.
The i/p to the Delta 44 appears to be way too high - I run ossmix on the card and I have tried a couple of settings but nothing seems to change the input level. Any ideas / suggestions ?
73 Niels, G8RWG