ARRL EME CONTEST 2001 Signals received with the SM5FRH antenna.
(Mars 22 2002)

Wideband EME recordings

During the ARRL EME contest 2001 several hours of EME signals was recorded using the large X-yagi array of SM5FRH. The recorded bandwidth is about 90kHz and a very large number of stations can be monitored for a long time in these recordings to evaluate signal levels, Faraday rotation and qsb characteristics.

The data may be interesting for many reasons in the future and to store it safely and to also make it available to anyone interested all the data is placed on an Internet server. When unpacked, these data files can be played directly by Linrad as if they were coming from the antenna at SM5FRH's EME station.

frh1135.bz2 213032622 bytes from
frh1203.bz2 119840581 bytes from
frh1210.bz2 88380993 bytes from
frh1215.bz2 262424813 bytes from
frh1230.bz2 316718778 bytes from
frh1247.bz2 353864829 bytes from
frh1305.bz2 330331516 bytes from
frh1323.bz2 152931673 bytes from
frh1335.bz2 427316583 bytes from
frh1357.bz2 265993686 bytes from
frh1415.bz2 182425972 bytes from
frh1426.bz2 97354705 bytes from
frh1432.bz2 224178604 bytes from
frh1457.bz2 90180294 bytes from
frh1507.bz2 442586276 bytes from
frh1530.bz2 391121576 bytes from

Relative ERP power levels

The data in these files can be used to extract accurate relative ERP power levels for stations that were active when the recordings were made. Here are some examples EME signal levels

Fig. 1. 15 minutes 144.000 to 144.100 Recorded 11.35 to 11.50 UTC on Oct 14th 2001

Fig. 2. Zoomed in time. About 2 minutes from start of recording.

Fig. 3. Amplitude variation with time for KB8RQ.
Volts, linear scale.